When we found out we were doing a photobooth at Kaia & Erik’s wedding we were even more excited to shoot their wedding!  To be honest, photobooths are a lot of work to set up and can be technically challenging (anytime you try to remote transmit photos from a camera onto a computer and then have them displayed and on a second monitor things can be a little tricky—well, at least they are for us!). But they are so darn fun! I had a blast at Party City picking out props for the photos, and they were a hit! The rubber chicken was a popular item 🙂






Michael Jackson glove + Rubber Chicken + Pink Cowboy Hat = AWESOME KagePhotobooth-200

And…..on the count of three, throw the chicken! KagePhotobooth-218



KagePhotobooth-139 KagePhotobooth-249

So, needless to say, it was an AWESOME way to spend the reception of the wedding. The reception was at the Blaisdell Manor in Minneapolis and there was a room that worked perfectly for the photobooth. It was just down the hall from the dance floor and bar, and it was much cooler in the room we were in which made it a perfect spot for people to cycle through throughout the night. And trust me, people did!  We were the very last people to leave that night.  The janitor had to wait for us to clean up all of our stuff!

The big bummer was that we got a flat tire on the way home. It was past 1:00 a.m. and we had to wait almost two hours for roadside assistance to come. It’s a long story, but this photo sums up how excited I was to find out that I was not going to be in my bed anytime soon after being on my feet for 13+ hours.  Yep, it was awesome!


Thanks again, Kaia & Erik!! Can’t wait to share your full blog post!!