Last Saturday we met up with Melissa & Greg for their engagement session. They were only in town for a few days, so we were lucky all of our schedules aligned and we had nice weather for our session! Melissa is originally from Minneapolis, but Greg is from Dallas. The two actually met in Boston and now they live in Denver. Try to keep all of that straight! Melissa’s parents have since moved to Boston and Greg’s family is still in Texas, so we wanted to get some iconic shots of the Minneapolis skyline and the St. Anthony area so they could share them with their families.  Saturday was a warm, somewhat humid morning and tons of people were out enjoying the spring-like weather! Minneapolis Wedding Phtoographer-1


Twin Cities Wedding Phtoographer-1

Twin Cities Wedding Phtoographer-1-2

Minneapolis Wedding Phtoographer-5


Minneapolis Wedding Phtoographer-8

They are getting married in Minneapolis at Hennepin Methodist church with a reception at the Walker Art Museum, one of my favorite venues! They are getting married in my favorite month and my favorite day of the year, my birthday! Congrats you two, we had so much fun with you both! We hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay here and had a good birthday celebration Smile