Every wedding photographer dreams of being able to travel to beautiful and exotic places for weddings, so when we got the email that Melissa & John wanted us to join them in Jamaica for their destination wedding we were beyond excited.  After a few months of communicating via email, we were thrilled when we finally landed in sunny, warm, Jamaica.

The ceremony was held at the gorgeous in Negril. Melissa & John had vacationed there and fell in love with the property, and it’s easy to see why. The quaint huts, immaculately maintained gardens and pool, and ocean views won us over, too. We have dozens of photos of the property itself, it was a photographers dream!

We arrived in Negril a few days prior to the wedding so we could get acclimated and scout out the location. We stayed at Catcha Falling Star, a small resort directly next to Tensing Pen. We absolutely loved Catcha and would recommend it for an affordable yet nice option.  The staff was friendly, the rooms were clean, and the food and bar was great!

I’m not gonna lie, while we were in Jamaica it was HOT. As in upper 90s and the second you go outside your straight hair gets curly type of hot. For us Minnesotans it’s hard to get used to! Unfortunately, on the day of the wedding it down poured for the majority of the day, but the skies cleared up shortly before the ceremony and everything went as planned on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Luckily, the day after the wedding was beautiful and sunny so we went out for some day-after photos which I’ll share soon!

For now, enjoy some photos from their wedding day!

Jamaica Wedding Photography-1Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-1

Jamaica Wedding Photography-4

Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-3

Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-2

Jamaica Wedding Photography-3

Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-1-2

Jamaica Wedding Photography-5

Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-4

Jamaica Wedding Photography-6

Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-6

Jamaica Wedding Photography-7

Jamaica Wedding Photography-8Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-5

Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-7

Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-9

Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-8

Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-1-3

Tensing Pen Wedding Photography-10

Jamaica Wedding Photography-13

Jamaica Wedding Photography-10

Jamaica Wedding Photography-11

Jamaica Wedding Photography-12Jamaica Wedding Photography-14

Jamaica Wedding Photography-15

Jamaica Wedding Photography-17

Jamaica Wedding Photography-18

Jamaica Wedding Photography-16We were so lucky and honored to join you and your friends and families at this magical place and we can’t wait to go back!