Every once in awhile I get asked to do a photo project a little outside of my norm. When these opportunities come my way my self doubt always screams “I don’t know how to do that!”. Then, I shift my thinking to what I DO know how to do–take photographs and work with people–and soon my fear changes to “I’m so excited to try that!”.

When my friend Bert contacted me about this project I was excited to try something I hadn’t done before: editorial photos for a magazine. Bert is an extremely talented chef and writer and his vision was to create a story about food and the connections it makes between the people preparing it and sharing it. The article was going to be featured in the Spring issue of Gather Magazine out of Mankato.

Check out the article and some of the photos I took below. Also, you should definitely check out more of Bert’s writing.  He effortlessly ties together stories about food, fatherhood, and family in his blog posts and articles. Check out his work on Bert’s Backburner.